Who is Doodle, you ask? Doodle is one of the four lambs (sheep) who make up the McLamby family. He lives in the Northern Highlands of Scotland, and this is his blog. That's right; life from a lamb's point of view. Doodle, and his brother Snowball, were orphaned lambs and raised on bottles...first in the garage and backyard of their people ("Dad" and "Mom")...then out in the big field with their "Uncles" Rosebud and Shermy, two big Cheviot sheep who are also...er...pet sheep. Sometimes it's just fine for someone to have no other purpose in life but to live and be one of God's creatures. That's Doodle, Snowball, Rosebud, and Shermy. Welcome to their world!

Friday, February 28, 2014


Here's baby Snowball, getting all the attention again.  He was being pampered.  Isn't he just like a big toy lamb?  All soft and huggy.  Mom says there is nothing so great as holding a lamb.
My turn!

I like to snuggle with my people.  I'm too big to sit on laps now.  But I still like a good squish, a chest rub, and scritch on my head.  Big sheep are really just lambs in bigger clothing.
You will notice that baby Snowball is still trying to get attention.  Ahem.  He's still like that.

When I was only a couple of days old, I got really sick.  I had a bad tummy, which made me have a bad bottom.  Mom called Dad to come home right away to help me get well.  Then she wrapped me in a towel and held me for a long time.  Dad came home really fast, and he fed me electrolytes and medicine through a tube into my tummy.  A few days later, Snowball got sick, too.  Dad brought us medicine from the vet.  I'm still not sure what a vet is, but they must be good, because the vet helped us get well.  Then, for a few weeks after, both Snowball and I had to have "juice" (which I thought was real juice, but was really only electrolytes in a baby bottle) several times a day.  I don't know what electrolytes are, either, but I guess we need them.
Now we are both big, strong, jumpy, bouncy lambs who are almost 10 months old!  We don't get juice bottles anymore.  But we get cookies!
Don't you wish you had a little lamby to hold on your lap?

Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Doctor is In

Time for some lamb therapy!  Dr Doodle and his assistant, Snowball, are happy to give unlimited hugs, squishes, and kisses.  Lambs are soft and sweet and woolly and fun.  And we're happy to share our lambiness with lamby-type people.
One session of lamb therapy :: Please pay in cookies!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Overflowing Doodleness

This is me when I was really little.  Don't I have the most perfect little baby lamb feet?  And look at my knee pads!  I still have them.  I'm showing you my bendy ears, too, and my big, soft, velvety muzzle.  What a Doodle I am!
The little pan has little kibbles in it.  They are baby kibbles for baby lambs.  I did not know this at the time.  Neither did Snowball.  Now that I am bigger, I know a kibble when I see one!  And I will eat it right up.  Back then, I did not know what to do with a pan of kibbles.

Somehow, the pan of kibbles got knocked over!  I am hiding, in case anyone thinks it was me.

Here I am peeking at Mom.  And I remember she said, "Doodle, it's alright.  You'll learn."  And she scritched me!  I like scritches.  (You can see the baby kibbles all over the ground by my feet.  I wish I had known to eat them.)

Oh well.  I was happy to get my scritches!

You can see I am overflowing with Doodleness.  It seems to just come right out my ears!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Doodle and Snowball :: BFF

Life can be hard.  And exhausting.  Especially when you're little.

Baby Snowball was kinda sad and lonely, lying down to be sleepy all by himself.

I, Doodle, don't mind being by myself.  But...

I like being with my Best Friend Forever, too.  

It's nice to have someone to share secrets with, and to share naps with, and to go 'sploring with.

Snowball and I still stick together.


But we're bigger and braver now, so we sometimes go off by ourselves.  We always come back, though.  That's what BFFs do.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Playtime for Baby Lambs

This is us, Snowball and me, Doodle, running around the yard with Dad.  You can see we were little.  Maybe about a month old.

We ran a LOT.  Running and jumping is fun!  Mom says most of the pictures she took of us running and jumping just turned out like blurs.  Zoom!  We were fast.  We still are fast!

We liked to climb on stuff and jump off of it.  And we had our own little house inside the garage.  We would come and go, and run in and out of the garage door into the backyard.

I learned to drink water from a tub before Snowball did!
Doesn't he look like a wiesenheimer in this picture?  That's because he is.  And he's just looking for trouble!

Everything was fun and exciting for us:  water in a tub, steps to jump on, tires to play on, gravel to carry around in our mouths and then spit out.  Life is a daily adventure when you are a lamb.  It is especially good when someone is taking care of you!

There goes Snowball.  He's off.  And just a blur.  He'll ricochet off the steps and fly around the corner and come bouncing back on all four feet!  Yep, running and jumping are fun!  
We're not baby lambs anymore...except Snowball.  He says he is.  And Mom says he is, too.  But we still like to run and jump and march like soldiers!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Doodle Hears Stuff

This is me when I was little.  I was using my ears!  I can point them in any direction, or in no direction at all.  See...in the top picture I am facing one way, but my ears are pointed the other.  I'm a clever Doodle.

In the bottom picture, I turned to face the same way as my ears!
I can easily hear stuff.  When I want to.  Lots of times, Mom and Dad call me:  "Doodle!  Dooooooo-dle!!!  Doodle, get away from that bush!"  I turn my ears off then.  But whenever Dad puts his hand in his pocket, no matter where I am, my radar ears pick up the signal:  COOKIES!  Yep, I hear stuff.  But only when I want to.  I'm a happy lamb!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Sleepy Backyard Babies

Lambs get sleepy.  This is Snowball and me being sleepy in the backyard.  We like to take naps.  Well, I like them better than Snowball does.  It was warm and sunny and peaceful and quiet.
It is pretty grey and cold and wet and windy here.  I'm glad we're a big Doodle and Snowball if we have to deal with weather like this.
I kinda wish it were warm and sunny and peaceful and quiet, and we were little Doodle and Snowball again.  Sigh...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Pointy-Nosed Lamb of One Eyebrow

Snowball.  He'll do anything to be different and get attention.  When he was little tiny, he was all white.  Now, he has a few black spots on his ears, and suddenly...ONE EYEBROW!  See it?  And it's always arched in that way.  You know the way.  The way where he is always saying, "Oh really?"  He thinks it's quite dashing.  I'm not sure.  I know one thing.  He is always dashing...around the yard, down the road, across the field.  He's a regular rocket!  And now, he's a rocket with ONE EYEBROW!  What a silly lamb.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

How To Scritch a Lamb

Lambies (of all sizes) like to be scritched!  Snowball and I are demonstrating the best way to scritch a lamb.

We like to be scritched under our chins.  And sometimes behind our ears.

And we definitely like to be scritched on our chests.  Even BIG lambs, like Uncle Bud and Uncle Shermy, like to be scritched on their chest.

Did you know that wool is scratchy and itchy, even for the lamb who is wearing it?  It's true.  It can be.  And things like to get stuck in our wool ~ like thorns and prickers and sticks and leaves.  Mom and Dad like to laugh at us when we are sometimes wearing things in our wool.  Yesterday, Dad said I was wearing a sword at my side.  Silly Dad.  It was just a long stick.  Wasn't it?

You know how the nursery rhyme lambs looks so soft and cute and sweet?  Well...we actually ARE that way!  The nursery rhyme lambs are just like REAL lambs!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Big Shiny Glass Thing

When we were little, and lived in the back yard, there was this huge shiny thing of glass.  We loved to play around it.  We would jump up and down on the steps and tap dance!  Sometimes we used the steps as spring boards for taking off like rockets.  And sometimes, we would just lie down and rest on the top step.  The big shiny glass thing was kind of like our own back yard.  We would see green grass, and two other baby lambs!  And sometimes, Mom and Dad would move the glass thing and come out of it!  Snowball said that is where the milk was kept.  I'm not sure.

Sometimes we would stand on the top step and tell stories about what was on the other side of the big shiny glass thing.  And we would even tell secrets!  That's me, Doodle, telling Snowball a secret in his ear.  I don't remember what.

Snowball did not give up easily when he decided the milk was in there.  He liked to stare inside, and sometimes he would see another lamb, just faintly.  If you look closely at this picture, you can see another lamb that looks kinda like Snowball!  The other lamb was inside.  Once, Snowball went inside...but just barely.  Dad grabbed him and made him come out again.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The Show Pose of Doodle

This is me, Doodle.  I am a very small lamb in this photo.  Maybe not even a whole month old!
And yet...I already know how to be an incredibly amazing Doodle, showing off a pose which exudes lambiness perfection!

It's exhausting being a superlative lamb.  Here I am, taking a break from posing...sunbathing instead.  Actually, it's just more Doodleness, isn't it?

Friday, February 14, 2014

Lamby Love for Valentine's Day

It's me, Doodle!  I'm sending you lamb hugs and lots of cookies for Valentine's Day!

Uncle Rosebud says he doesn't really do "affectionate", but that if anyone has any cookies, he'll accept them as a Valentine's Day present to himself.

Uncle Shermy says he will stand really still and let you pet him, and he will give you lamb kisses in exchange for cookies.

Snowball says, "Be mine!!  And I will love you forever, with hugs and kisses, and you can give me lots of cookies, and I will jump on you and baaa real loud in your ear."
Happy Valentine's Day
from the McLambies!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Attack of Cuteness

It seems it just can't be helped.  Mom and Dad took lots of pictures of us just being cute, lying in the backyard.  There was cuteness everywhere.  The neighbors would hang over the fence and coo at us.  We were very popular!  And when we would lie down for awhile, it would make Mom and Dad forget how much work we were!

Snowball sometimes had a hard time figuring out how close was too close.  He doesn't know about personal space.  He still doesn't know.

Finally...he gave me some breathing space!  Er...I probably had to move first.
Look!  The wind blew his ears backwards!

And so...this has been your lambiness for today!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Scruffingtons

And the first Scruffington is:  Uncle Rosebud.  With his "I'm suspicious AND I'm a curmudgeon" look.

In the summer, the big sheep get very woolly.  They have to have their coats taken off.  I'm not sure what that means yet.  We didn't get to watch last summer.  They looked a lot nicer when they had their woolliness taken away.  I wonder what it will be like this summer?

Scruffington Number Two:  Uncle Shermy.  With his, "I KNOW you have a cookie on you" look.

Shermy has a very handsome wool coat this year.  I wonder what will become of it?
I'm growing a lot of wool, too, now that I think about it.  And so is Snowball.  Is this something I should be worried about?

Monday, February 10, 2014

Learning About Bigness

When we were little tiny, we spent some afternoons in the BIG field with the BIG sheep.

We tried to copy what the BIG sheep were doing.

We didn't have to bend down as far to reach the grass!

Then, I smelled all the wonderful smells of the BIG field!  Big smells!  All kinds of new animals and grasses and plants and flowers.  WOW!

All the BIG smells made me have a Flehmen response:  look at my mouth open.  It's like a big smile!

I was such a happy little lamb, out in the BIGNESS, experiencing the world.  It wasn't too scary...because Mom and Dad were right there with us.

It was only ever scary when one of the BIG sheep with the BIG heads came over to investigate us.  I didn't like that too much.

Nowadays, though...I don't care.  I'm a bigger Doodle, and I can just push my way through!  Growing up is good.