Who is Doodle, you ask? Doodle is one of the four lambs (sheep) who make up the McLamby family. He lives in the Northern Highlands of Scotland, and this is his blog. That's right; life from a lamb's point of view. Doodle, and his brother Snowball, were orphaned lambs and raised on bottles...first in the garage and backyard of their people ("Dad" and "Mom")...then out in the big field with their "Uncles" Rosebud and Shermy, two big Cheviot sheep who are also...er...pet sheep. Sometimes it's just fine for someone to have no other purpose in life but to live and be one of God's creatures. That's Doodle, Snowball, Rosebud, and Shermy. Welcome to their world!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Massive Amounts of Doodleness

Mom was taking lots of pictures of me one day.  I was still a baby.  Maybe about 6 weeks old.  I am showing off my superlative form of lambiness:  DOODLENESS!

Sometimes I was shy.

Look at me on three legs!

Above:  Contemplative Doodle.

This is me pretending to be a goat.  A lop-eared Doodle!

This is me being the Extreme Doodle.  Are words really necessary?
And finally...

It's Doodle, the King of Doodle-Land!
Playtime is fun!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Why It Can Be Difficult to Get Good Photos of Baby Lambs

Whatcha doin' Dad?  Let us see!

You stand in front of him, Doodle, and I'll push him over, and then we'll all roll about with laughter!

Dad!  Dad!  I'm looking up and smiling into the camera!  Okay, I'm done now.  Hope you got the shot!  Don't back up!

I'm not sure what Mom means when she says our cuteness covers a multitude of sins, but I think it's a good thing.  Anyway, we ARE cute!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Baby Lambs In Your Backyard...and Garage

This is what Mom and Dad saw when they looked out the kitchen window!  Isn't it wonderful?  I must have been just nearby.  Snowball and I never strayed far from each other.  We still don't.  Not really.  Except when I'm being Independent Doodle.

Here we are in our little daytime pen.  The back garage door was left open, and we had a little pen we could go in and out of, if we wanted to.  We were mostly outside.  But if it rained, we could come inside and keep warm and dry.  This is us getting ready to have milk bottles!  Our favorite!!

We had a nighttime pen, too.  It was bigger.  We slept in it, and then Snowball would baaaa really early in the morning, and Dad would come out and give us more milk bottles.  You can see by my face that I am wondering why Mom is pointing that picture-taking thing at me and not giving me my milk bottle.  I was not a very patient Baby Doodle.  Er...I guess I'm not a very patient bigger Doodle, either.  Fortunately, my cuteness makes up for that.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Pointy-Nosed Lamb of Curiosity Discovers Shoes

Snowball.  Still strange.  When he was a little baby, he loved to poke his nose around people's feet.  He loved shoes!  He would nibble them, and he especially liked the shoe-laces.
Snowball is strange.  I think it's because of his pointy nose.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Doodle Hears Another Story

Look at me listening with my ears!  Dad was telling more stories.  I love hearing stories.  I had my ears turned on then.  Sometimes I turn them off...especially when I'm eating.  Or, they are tuned to a special frequency, so I can hear cookie packets, but not people yelling at me to stop eating bushes.  I like being Doodle!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Pointy-Nosed Lamb of Curiosity Discovers Knees

Snowball is strange.  Here he is as a baby...about a month or so old.
For some reason, he was really excited about Dad's knees.
Yep.  Snowball is strange.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Being Neighborly

This is us when we lived in the backyard.  Here we are following Dad.  Where's he going?

Hey!  We're talking to the nice man next door.  Hello Mister Nice Next Door Man!  It's me, Doodle, and Baby Snowball!

Hey!  What's that?  There was a big, tall, furry thing on the other side of the fence, too.  No, there were TWO big furry things.  And they did not say Baaaaaaaa like we do.  They said WOOF in a very deep voice.  Everyone said they were nice, but I wasn't so sure.  I'm very cautious when meeting strangers...
But our first neighbors were friendly and nice, just like us.  I hope I get to see them again sometime soon (maybe without their furry friends, though).

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Baby Doodle Plays With a Stick

When it was summer, and all warm and sunshiney, we did lots of playing.  That is, when we were not listening to stories, or eating, or chewing, or napping.

We wanted lots and lots of attention from Mom and Dad.  Snowball still does.  I sometimes do.  But I'm more of an Independent Doodle now.

One day, Dad played with us with a magic stick.  It was so much fun!  I liked to chomp on it and catch it in my mouth.  Snowball never really got the concept, I guess.

I was very good at it.  And focused.  I know how to concentrate.

Here I am pretending to give Snowball a chance, but I'm really listening with my ears and getting ready to take back my stick.

This is me, showing you the top of my cute head, while Snowball tries to chomp the stick.  Hey, you can see the bush we ate in the background!  I sure did like that bush...

Here I am, attacking the stick again.

I won!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Orthodox McLambies

So, this weekend past, this great man came to visit us!  I was a little scared because he was wearing long flowy stuff that blew all around in the wind.  But...Snowball was right in the thick of things...as usual.  Sigh...  The man said stuff, and Mom did, too, and there was another man who took pictures of us, and Dad did, too.  And then, we got sprinkled with water.  I love water!  Uncle Rosebud and Uncle Shermy weren't too sure, though, and they stayed back a bit...even though everyone had cookies!  Mom and Dad say we've been blessed.
I'm so glad!  I like being a blessed Doodle.  After all, God made me.  Didn't He do a great job?  He made all the McLambies.  He even made Mom and Dad...or so they say...
Thank you, Father, for blessing us!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sunshine and Stories

Look!  Here comes Dad.  We're helping him bring the chair into the backyard.
It's story time!  Dad is going to sit and talk to us, and tell us stories.  We were very attentive lambs.  Look at our ears!

Sometimes I would get really excited and maybe a bit out of control!  I just wanted to hear more.  You know how little kids are when you tell them stories...they start crawling into your lap.  Baby lambs are the same way!

Mom and Dad say summer will come again, and we'll have sunshine and warm days.  I hope we get story-time, too!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Helping Dad, Again

See?  I told you Snowball is always right in there whenever we go down the path through the little wood to where the water is...and the yummy grass.

Snowball thinks he's helping, but I think maybe, sometimes, he kinda gets in the way.  We all still love him, though (except maybe Shermy).

There he is, testing the water again...just to make sure!  He says he's our "court tester" but I think he means "court jester"!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Friendly Baby Snowball

Here's Snowball trying to make friends with a Shetland pony.  Me, I wasn't too keen on it.  I had seen how the ponies would bite and kick.  I didn't want any of that!
But I told you Snowball was friendly, and fearless, and adventuresome!

Turns out, the pony wasn't too interested, either.  And Snowball told me that the pony smelled bad.  Baby lambs don't smell bad!  We're soft and fluffy and sweet, like big marshmallows.  That's what Mom and Dad say.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Fearless (Foolish?) Baby Snowball

Baby Snowball was very friendly.  He still is.  And, he's very curious.  And, well, pretty much fearless.
When we would go visiting the Uncles, before we moved in with them, Snowball would try to make friends and play.  Uncle Shermy did not like this so much.
Here's Snowball trying to tell Uncle Shermy a secret.

And here's Uncle Shermy telling Snowball, "Go away kid!  Ya bug me."

Snowball didn't always take the hint.  Most of the time, Uncle Rosebud was pretty mild mannered, and he would just sorta watch stuff.

Uncle Shermy is telling Baby Snowball to "take a hike."  We weren't sure what that meant.  (I think Uncle Shermy was embarrassed about his raggedy coat, myself.)

Baby Snowball tried and tried, but the Uncles did NOT want to play.

Finally, he gave up.  Poor Baby Snowball.

Snowball came back, saying, "Mom!  Mommy!  They won't play with me!  What can we do next?"

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Trying Out the Field for the Second Time

 Back when we were still little, Mom and Dad took us in the car to spend some time with Uncle Rosebud and Uncle Shermy.  We felt very small whenever they took us into that big field!

The uncles were wearing old, raggedy, worn out coats, too.  I don't think Uncle Shermy liked whenever Snowball was near him because it kinda sorta made him look bad.

Mostly, we hung around the big gate.  We wanted to make sure Mom and Dad were near.  You can see my handsome ears!

I know I look like a tough Doodle, but I was really just a little baby Doodle then.

I still have a cute, woolly head.  It's just a little bigger now.  And harder!

Friday, March 14, 2014

More Lamb Therapy

Snowball.  He always wanted to be scritched.  He still does.  Well...we both do, I guess.

He thinks no one can say "no" to that face.  It looks like he's right, maybe.

He always takes every opportunity to be silly, too.

But then he does his "sweet baby lamb" thing, and every coos over him.

It's nice, though.  We are both pretty contented lambies.

And Mom says she gets a lot of therapy out of time spent with us.  I don't know what therapy is, but if it's a good thing, then that's okay.  We like family time!